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Ease In2 Suit Details

We know that our product is quite different. That is what is so exciting about it!

You have been searching and searching for something that will allow you to not give up on getting in the water. Searching for something that will work. THIS WILL. 

 If you are wondering what makes it so easy to put on and easy to take off - THIS IS WHY. 

Vertical Half-Suit

The larger leg opening under the shoulder strap make it easier to step into the suit and provides less resistance while pulling the strap up. It will not show when the whole suit is on. 

The fact that there is no fabric above the waist on the other side, means the joint stress of pulling or twisting to get both arms into straps at the same time is alleviated. JOINT STRESS ALLEVIATED!

2 Halves Make a Whole

Slip the other half-suit over the first. They are not lined so the combined suit is not bulky.

The beauty of two independent half-suits is that the shoulder straps move as you move. To maximize freedom of movement, don't tie fabric ties attached at bra cups. Just tuck them under. The suit stays in place without them.

To maximize bra support, tie the fabric ties together.

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