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Our Story

Co-owners of Ease In2

Our story doesn't begin with us, it began with Anne Byrnes in New York City. Anne was determined to help her sister who was struggling with arthritis. Exercising in a warm-water pool was the only thing that helped, but the challenge was finding a swimsuit that her sister was able to get into without pain or difficulty. Anne set out to invent one, and StepIn2Now was born. 

StepIn2Now helped many women find ease in the process of putting on and taking off a swimsuit, which was once their biggest obstacle to experiencing the benefits of getting in the water. One of those women was Candice, who fell in love with the design of the suit. It made swimming possible again, without the need for her husband's help with changing due to her Parkinson's Disease.

Fast forward many years, and Anne decides to retire in 2022. It is time to pass the torch. Together, we - Candice and her daughter, Riley - were there to accept the torch with gratitude and excitement. We feel as though synchronicity has lead us to this opportunity. 


We know what this adaptive suit means firsthand and know that it will benefit many others. We come together, Riley bringing the compassion & care that so many sons, daughters, and husbands exhibit when they contact us looking for this solution for their mom and wife. She brings her dedication to wellness and holistic living, to encourage those striving to live more active and connected lives. Candice bringing the experience of wearing the suit, knowing its benefit personally through many years of use, happy to be part of sharing this creation. Those looking for an accessible swimsuit deserve nothing less than this simple, stylish solution. With this transition comes a new name. Welcome to...

Ease In2.

Thank you for being part of our next chapter. 

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