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  • What is the purpose of Ease In2?
    We make adaptive swimwear for women who have physical conditions that make it hard to put clothing on. Conditions that affect muscles and joints such as arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, back problems, injuries from sports, falls, and overuse can make bending, turning, and pulling very difficult. We started with a swimsuit because doctors are increasingly recommending water exercise for all of these conditions. We think about how you will move your hands, arms, legs, back, and shoulders as you put your swimsuit on, move in the water, and take your wet suit off. We think about dexterity, flexibility, and strength and don’t use buttons, zippers or velcro-type closures. Our goal is to make swimsuits that are easy to put on and a pleasure to wear.
  • Is Ease In2 a one-piece or a two-piece suit?
    Both! The Ease In2 swimsuit’s two-sided design provides the look, coverage, and support of the traditional one-piece swimsuit, but is much easier to put on. Instead of a top and a bottom like a tankini, it is made of two vertical half-suits. It doesn’t matter which half you put on first, the second half slides easily on top of the first.
  • How do I put Ease In2 on?
    Each half suit has one shoulder strap and two leg openings. Select one half-suit and put your legs into the leg openings as if you were putting on an ordinary one-piece suit. One leg opening is larger than the other to give you more room. You will see only the regular, moderate leg openings when you have the whole suit on. Slide the shoulder strap up and you will see that there is no fabric on your other side, so no need to twist or pull to put your arm through the strap. Repeat with the other half suit, slipping it easily up over the first. A fabric tie is attached at the bra cup on each side. If you would like more support from the bra, tying the sides together will help. But if you care more about freedom of movement, don’t tie them. In months of testing no one has ever popped out of the suit. Some customers just tuck the ties under and forget about them. Look in the mirror! You will see yourself in a beautiful, cross-over or “surplice” style swimsuit with moderate leg coverage. The surplice style is slenderizing and comfortable.
  • Does it matter which side of the Ease In2 suit I put on first?
    No, it does not matter which side is underneath, so try it both ways (with left side on top or right side on top) to see which is easier for you to put on and looks best on you. If you have an injury or painful joint on one side, protect it by putting that side on first.
  • Why is one leg opening larger than the other?
    Each half-suit has two leg openings and one shoulder strap. We made the leg opening on the shoulder strap side larger for two reasons. First, it gives you more room to slide your leg through, with a little less bend to your knee. Second, it reduces the amount of fabric you pull up which means less “pull” on your hands and wrist. The regular size leg opening on the other side of the half suit also doesn’t “pull” because there is no shoulder strap on that side and the fabric comes only to your waist.
  • What kind of bra support does the Ease In2 suit provide?
    Elastic running under the breast is attached to a panel at the side of the suit with soft foam cups in the fabric above the elastic. These cups are tacked in place at the bottom so they don't get twisted up. Each half-suit has a matching fabric tie at the crossover point. Tying these provides additional support and coverage.
  • Is the Ease In2 suit intended for water aerobics and for swimming?
    Yes, the Ease In2 suit is ideal for water aerobics, aquatic therapy, and for lap swimming. It is not designed for competition swimming and it does not provide “compression” for speed or to make you look thinner. It stays in place in the water and allows you to move freely. It is popular both among women who swim and those who do water exercise. Lap swimmers especially appreciate the independence of the shoulder straps. Some have said they feel like they have nothing on.
  • Can I wear the Ease In2 swimsuit for aquatic therapy?
    YES! Helping women participate in aquatic therapy is one of our most important goals. Women participating in physical therapy in the water are pleased to be able to put on our suit without assistance.
  • How do I care for my suit?
    Please don’t use the spin dryer machine some pools provide. Not only are you likely to damage the fabric, the ties at the bra could get caught in the spinner. Your Ease In2 suit does not need special washing. We suggest that you rinse it well in cold water every time you wear it. You can machine wash it on a gentle cycle with other similar colors. Use cold or cool water, a little mild detergent, and no bleach or Woolite®. Line dry. High chlorine environments like some jacuzzies or hot tubs may cause the color to fade more quickly due to the interaction of the harsh chemicals and high temperature.
  • What is your privacy policy? 
    We understand that keeping your personal information private is essential for you to do business with us. This policy applies to prospective, current, and former Ease In2 customers and to people seeking information. We do not sell your information to anyone, and do not allow those conducting business for us to use your information for their own purposes. We do share the information you have authorized when appropriate, such as using your name and address for shipping.
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