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They call it Proof of Concept

This story is on our website, but in case you haven't been to the other pages, here goes. The short version. I have Parkinson's. I was having great difficulty getting into and out of my swimsuit by myself. I found an amazing suit that I was able to put on without help and it was a game changer for me! I immediately wanted to share the good news! I knew I wasn't even close to the only one out there. I reached out to the company, but there was no answer.

Fast forward 5 or so years, and I think to reach out again. Divine intervention, I say. On the website are these words - "Retiring, looking for someone to carry the torch so this idea doesn't die". I called that day, put the ball in motion, and here I am. I had no idea about the clothing industry, but the founder was amazing and walked me through much of it. I signed with her manufacturer, used slightly different material, so had to go thru the fit and sizing gauntlet again. Had much fun doing it, and was excited to receive our first 500 suits to our home in Wisconsin.

Website build, shipping plan made, and we are live. Orders start coming in right away! People Googling "easy to get on swimsuit" and "swimsuit for arthritis" and "swimsuit after shoulder surgery". And then the notes we got back were inspiring! We were helping these folks just like the suit had helped me years before!!

Except, we had some sizing issues. The suits were running one size large. This was due to the extra stretch in the material we used - purposefully - so it was easier to get on - as well as the 2 vertical half-suit design. So we had exchanges, which I felt needed to include free shipping. That cuts into the very small amount of margin we had. Paying for the production of 500 suits, to get a Proof of Concept, means that you pay very high prices for them to be made. Very high prices for the fabric. Very high prices for everything. Economies of scale don't happen until you are ready to manufacture 5,000 or 10,000 units. That is quite a leap of faith.

And so, we are still in the Proof of Concept phase - even though we took over an existing product. It's under a new name, a new look, a new brand. Why am I telling you this? Just sharing for the most part. But also, wanting your advice. Do you need more colors, do you need a pattern. Do you need a price break? Do you need the free shipping? Or does none of this matter, because you are just looking for a solution. And I just need to get it in front of you, so that you know about our swimsuit - and the rest is noise. Please share your thoughts - and keep on keepin' on!!!



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