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The Swimsuit Without the Struggle
Ease In2 swimsuit - easy on and off - comfortable - pretty
Plus sizes & pattern avail in Fall - sizes 6-16
in stock now!

The Struggle

You already know that water exercise keeps you active, lessens impact on your joints, and soothes your body and mind. These benefits can make a world of difference when you’re dealing with arthritis, Parkinson’s or any mobility issue.


Although getting in the water enhances your life, getting into a swimsuit isn’t easy, and stepping out of a wet one is even harder. 


That’s when you feel trapped in between twisted straps and in need of help from a friend or partner to escape your entanglement.


Wrestling out of the suit may exacerbate the pain or weakness in your hands, arms or shoulders and often takes too much time - time you don't have to spare.

The Solution 


Ease In2 now offers you an alternate swimsuit that is much easier to put on and take off – even when you’re having a bad day.


This patented design consists of two diagonal, vertical half-suits without any Velcro, zippers, or snaps. It doesn’t matter which half you put on first, the second half slides easily on top of the first with no twisting or straining.


This simple, yet elegant solution solves many of the swimsuit struggles you have been experiencing!


And best of all, no one will know you are wearing a specially designed, adaptive Ease In2 suit. It looks and feels like you are wearing a flattering one-piece. And you will be surprised how comfortable it is! Many women say it feels like they have nothing on at all, yet they are totally covered!


The Ease In2 suit will become your go-to suit for exercise, for relaxation, and even for your upcoming vacations!


Ease into the swimsuit without the struggle!

Recycled Fabric

Recycled Fabric

We wanted to do our best not to contribute to the problems clothing manufacturing can cause for our world. For that reason, we chose to use recycled nylon for the fabric of the suit. It is recycled from materials like fishing nets that pollute the oceans. All the fabric we use is certified eco-friendly, and the bags we ship the swimsuits in are recycled as well!

Tested for Arthritis

Tested for Arthritis 

 Our suit met rigorous consumer product testing standards for women with arthritis at a leading research university’s Accessibility Evaluation Facility. Individuals with varying degrees of arthritis were recruited to measure their experience while putting the suit on, moving in the water, and taking the suit off wet. The suit received the highest possible overall subjective rating for how easy it is to use.

Patented Construction

Patented Construction

Ease In 2, LLC, located in Wisconsin, holds U.S. Patent #8,281,412 for the method of construction used in making the Ease In2 swimsuit and other garments such as lingerie and active wear.

To be sure that you are getting the Ease In2 swimsuit, look for the patent numbers on the care labels printed on both sides of the suit.

I tried out the suit in my pool and it’s spectacular. So comfortable and attractive. And, of course, so easy to put on and take off…

Judy B., NY

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